Fitting Orthodontics Into Your Schedule

We understand that orthodontic treatment can interfere with other important responsibilities that you may have during the day, including work and school. We have designed our treatment methods to make the most of your time during each visit, and to minimize conflicts with your busy schedule.

Our Approach to Minimizing Conflicts

During the course of your orthodontic treatment, there will be a variety of appointments that are needed. The majority of your appointments can be scheduled at times that are more suitable to your busy schedule - after work or after school. However, every patient will have a few longer appointments, including the appointments where we put your braces on and take them off. We schedule these infrequent longer appointments in the morning and early afternoon, allowing the majority of your appointments to be at the more convenient times.

The Appointment Process

The first appointment is the Initial Consultation, which is done free of charge. During this visit we gather general patient information, verify insurance coverage, and check the health history. The clinical examination follows, which gives us the specific information required to decide if treatment is needed. If treatment is required but the patient is too young, he or she will be placed on a recall schedule. If the timing is correct, then more information is required to make an accurate diagnosis. This information is gathered with orthodontic records.

The second appointment is the Orthodontic Records appointment. This is a 30-minute appointment in which head and jaw x-rays, impressions of the teeth, and photographs are gathered. This information is critical in developing an accurate diagnosis and ideal treatment plan. Our state-of-the-art digital radiography unit offers more precise image quality with far less radiation than conventional dental imaging systems. Once the treatment plan is developed, we will review our findings with you at the Consultation Appointment. The required appointments will then be scheduled.

The next few appointments vary from patient to patient. As stated above, there will be some appointments that will require more time. These appointments will be scheduled during the morning or early afternoon hours. We hold all afternoon appointments for routine orthodontic adjustment appointments.

Emergency Appointments

Our goal is to avoid the unexpected, however we recognize that emergencies can happen during the course of your orthodontic treatment. Most orthodontic problems can be solved for you over the phone, and we always have someone available to help you in the event something should come up.

Need an Emergency Help?