Step 1

Schedule an initial examination appointment with one of our orthodontic specialists. There is no charge for this visit. At that appointment, our doctors will determine if your child is ready to be considered for braces with the All-Kids Illinois Public Aid Medical Card.


Step 2

If the child qualifies to have orthodontic records taken, we will immediately take orthodontic records. Digital Photographs and a panoramic x-ray will be taken and submitted to the State of Illinois for their review and ruling. The review process typically takes about one month.


Step 3

Our office will receive notification of the decision, and upon receipt of the approval for coverage we will contact you to begin the treatment planning process for your child's orthodontic treatment.

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Appealing The Decision

If your child doesn’t qualify for braces with All Kids, the parent can appeal the decision with the State of Illinois in writing.

If Denied

If your child does not qualify for coverage, or if your appeal is denied, orthodontic treatment can still be provided by our orthodontists on a fee-for-service contract. Chicago Smile Specialists offers orthodontic treatment at a discounted cost, provided your child has ongoing coverage by the Medical Card. Financing options are provided by our office, in an effort to make your child's orthodontic treatment more affordable to you.