Behavior Guidance
And Management

Children often have anxiety when they experience something new. A previous bad experience may also cause them to be very nervous, and our goal is to help them overcome this fear by providing them with a safe and caring environment.

The first thing we do when a new patient comes to our office, is to assess their level of comfort. Most children settle in quickly, as we show them how we do things and when they see other children around them. We use proven techniques to help children learn to tolerate and enjoy dental care in our office.

Have Any Questions?

Strategies Include:


Modeling can include pairing with an older sibling to show how things are done so that the child can better understand the ease of the procedure.

Communicative Management

Explaining things in simple language that a child can understand.

Tell-Show-Do Technique

The dentist might name a dental instrument, show the instrument by using it outside the mouth, and then use the instrument in treatment.


Every child does something right during a dental visit - our Doctors reinforce positive behaviors and outcomes.

Need More Info?

Most children respond very well to these behavior management techniques. Some children, however, may still be uncooperative. Other options that we offer to allow us to provide care in more challenging situations include:

1. Papoose Board
2. Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)
3. IV Sedation
4. General Anesthesia – dentistry care provided at Illinois Masonic Hospital

These techniques will be explained to the parent or guardian in greater detail should it become necessary to use them.

Please talk to one of our Dentists and they will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We are thrilled that you chose our practice for the dental care of your child.